Summer is just getting started.

It feels like summer is just getting started. In fact, things are really heating up around our part of the world. Time to get out in a swim suit and enjoy cooling off in the pool. Luckily I was sent a Flex Belt to review, just in time for this part of the year.

Everyone wants a nice tummy, but it’s a hard area to work out. And if you are busy with vacations, work, and daily life, it can be hard to find time to do traditional ab workouts. The Flex Belt fixes part of that problem because you can wear it around while you do your work, all the while letting it contract your muscles and work your abs!

Also, it’s the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) product of its kind cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device for direct to consumer sales. It’s the real deal! In fact, athletes and celebrities use it too, that’s how good it is.

FlexBelt Celebrities

I will be honest, it feels a little strange at first because your muscles are contracting but you aren’t the one causing them to do it! I could feel it though, and I think that the more I use it the better my muscle tone will be.

The FlexBelt is pretty straight forward, and it comes with everything you need. I liked that it even included a nice pouch to keep it in when not in use. The FlexBelt website also has tips and videos to help you get started.

I’ll have to check in with an update in a few weeks when I have been able to consistently use it, but right now my husband and I are kind of fighting over it! Yes, it’s great for men or women!

Have you ever used a FlexBelt? Isn’t it amazing?

Disclosure: I received a FlexBelt in exchange for my honest review.



Day-lilies are in full bloom now, at least for a little bit longer. They feel tropical to me, even though we live in the desert.


June brought birthdays for both my husband and myself. Wishes were made, hopefully they will all come true in the coming year.


June also brought a cold front, including snow in the mountains.


Fun and learning was had at ALT Summer. The best part was connecting with blogging friends, meeting new people, and enjoying a little distraction. Listening to Martha Stewart was pretty interesting as well.


Pens. The need to be fun. Here is just a bit of my collection.

Farewell our sweet feathered friend.

We said a very sudden and sad goodbye to our dear Cockatiel this week. She was in our life for 12 years, and left us far too soon. Our home is too quiet now. It’s hard to be in my office because she was my little office buddy. Her favorite place was on my leg or shoulder while I worked.

IMG_7132I took this photo of her on my leg last week. I thought it was so cute how she loved to get close to my body when she felt tired. It’s hard to believe she is gone, we keep coming in the house expecting to hear her welcome sounds only to find silence. She may have been small, but she was a presence.