Once upon a time, a long time ago

Well, I think I am officially getting old. It used to be that staying up until midnight (heck, things were just getting started then) was not a big deal. It used to be that I could wear shorts in the winter and not be cold. And yes, it used to be that life was pretty simple and easy.

Not that I would want to go back, or change my life… but that phrase about youth being wasted on the young? Totally true.

It’s turning towards winter.

And it’s cold in our house! We are trying something new this year.

In the past when our sweet bird was still alive, we kept things extra warm in the house for her. This will be our first winter without her, so we are trying to keep our heater turned fairly low. OK, so it’s set at 70F, but in our house that feels cold, especially on certain levels.

I know, many of you are stronger than us and keep your heater set at 65F! But we are wimps, and already we have been consuming a lot of hot drinks. And it’s not even winter yet!