Downton Abbey Season 5

Tea set

We just finished Downton Abbey Season 5 (we bought the Blu-ray so we could marathon it) and loved it. I won’t give any spoilers, but needless to say one part in particular stabbed us in the heart. Other than that part, I loved this season to bits. It had everything that I have always loved about the show.

Highlights for me were the following:

  • The relationship between Violet and Isobel,  which has always been fun, was increased this season. This lead to some fabulous lines. I love how they seem to hate each other just as much as they love each other.
  • Mary was back to her nastier self, which of course is aimed at poor Edith. And indeed, poor Edith!
  • Lord Grantham and Cora’s relationship has also been a favorite in the series, because while it’s not perfect, they do love each other. This is highlighted during this season.
  • Rose. I love her outlook on life. She is so naively positive and charming.
  • Carson and Mrs. Hughes are also favorites, and they get more story this season as well.

Have you been watching? What are your favorite parts?

Our sweet Baby crossed the rainbow bridge.

There’s no easy way to tell sad news, but this is very sad news for our family. We found out this week that our sweet Maltese Baby had cancer. Not just cancer, but that it was everywhere, and that she wouldn’t have much longer with us. It was quiet a shock as she had been happy, playful, and doing so well.

Things went quicker than we had hoped, and she crossed the bridge last night. Our vet was wonderful and came to our home to help her pass. We had one last wonderful day of cuddling before the time came to say good bye. It’s hard, there is a huge hole in our hearts.

Smiling Baby

We keep reminding ourselves of the saying by Dr. Seuss; don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. She gave us so much to smile about in her 11 years. So very much.