The little things.

Zen frogFor me it’s always the little things. That is why, for this year’s CAOK, I am trying to find little things to do for others. One of the things that I have thought of might seem strange, but I hope it makes a difference.

Let’s talk about Facebook for a moment. Personally I love it, it’s been an amazing tool for keeping up with friends and family who live far away. It’s been a great connector to friends of the past who I would otherwise not be in touch with.

So with that said, how often do we actually interact with those we are friends with on Facebook?

I’m making an extra effort to do more than just “like” a friend’s post. I’m taking time to write a comment (it really doesn’t take much more time), or even to share something on a persons page that I think they will love.

I’ve noticed in my life that what people crave most is a feeling of connection. That someone is noticing them and what they are saying. Facebook makes it so easy to respond and give that feeling to each other. Seems a bit unkind to just scroll on past when a post is really a way of reaching out to each other.

And it’s such a little thing to do.

A strange dream.

When I was young I learned that dreams are often our subconscious mind’s way of working out problems, but they can also be influenced by things we have read, watched, thought, or even what we have eaten. At any rate, I had an odd one last night that might have been a little of everything above.

There have been a few things that I have been letting go of recently; projects that have finished, things that have gone their course. Nothing bad, everything positive and moving in good directions. So this dream was funny to me because in it friends and family were gathering around me, trying to cheer me up and saying encouraging things, but acting as if I were sad about it all.

And of course, in true dream like fashion, this was all happening in the strangest of ways, at the most awkward of times (like while trying to shower).

It made me think though, because there is always a little bit of sadness that comes when letting go of something, even if it’s something you are ready and happy to move on from. I guess my mind wanted to remind me that it’s fine to feel that. Maybe it was also saying it’s time to get a better shower curtain too.

It’s time for kindness.

I was really excited when my beautiful friend, Kelli, asked if I would help her spread the word about CAOK. You see, she has made the days days between Lent and Easter a fun and special time to reflect on, and spread some, kindness.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!


CAOK 2014 has started, and I do hope you will join in the fun. CAOK stands for “Calculated Acts of Kindness”. It’s a time to think of all the good in your life and find ways to spread kindness to others.

As the name suggests, these acts are not random (although those are awesome as well), these are acts that are thought out and planned. Something a little more special for the people who are receiving it.  Here are some of the ideas that I have for this time:

  • Donate towels and blankets to the local animal shelter.
  • Bake a special treat for neighbors.
  • Send love notes to friends. Snail mail style.
  • Take a friend to lunch.
  • Support a friend’s project.
  • Give flowers just for the fun of it.
  • Make a donation to Best Friends Animal Society in someone’s name.

I have a few more ideas up my sleeve, but since blogs are public, they will have to wait a bit (and fingers crossed they turn out well too). The act doesn’t need to be big to be awesome.

If you join the fun, you can share photos in the CAOK group on Flickr. And be sure to visit KelliSarah and Shana’s sites for their posts during this time as well! Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

12 years and counting!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years already, but it has been. I realize that 12 years really isn’t a long time to be married, many people have been married for much longer than we have, but it still sounds like a big number to me.

IMG_6530It’s  been a wild ride, full of surprises, and full of fun. Ups and downs of course, but nothing we can’t tackle as a team. Here’s to many more years!