30 Lessons for Loving

30 Lessons for LovingSometimes you read a book that makes you smile, nod in agreement, and wish that you had come across it sooner! 30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage is one such book.

The author, Karl Pillemer, talks to “the experts” as he calls them to find out what it takes to have long lasting, happy, marriages.

In the book we hear from the oldest and wisest Americans on everything dealing with love. The book starts at the beginning, with great tips about finding the right partner. If you have single friends, give them this book! I wish it had been around when I was single, but luckily I still found a great partner. And if you aren’t single, get this book for the wealth of great information in the following chapters.

The book starts with what to look for in a partner, then moves forward to tips on marriage, and on to growing old together. What I liked was that the advice applies to all married couples, no matter how old or young you are! Why not save yourself the trouble of figuring it out alone, and take the advice of those who have already been there?

Some of the best advice is of course not the easiest to put into practice, but is well worth the effort. Communication, having fun together, and not trying to change each other top the list of keys to a happy marriage. The funniest thing is, while trying to write this post I was put to the test on one of the tips given; pay attention to your spouse and put away the technology! In a fun twist, every time I sat down to my computer to write this, my husband would come in and ask what I was doing and want to chat. I guess that was my pop quiz to see if I had really learned my lessons from the experts.

The book is a great read, and it’s fun to see these spunky elders still making it work and enjoying their marriages. 30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage should be on every shelf, and re-visited often.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book for my review.

First peony of 2015

Our peonies are in full swing right now. This was the first to fully open. It is actually the original color that was planted, however, friendly bees have been busy and now a lot of the peonies in our garden are light pink, and some are even white with barely a trace of pink on them.

pink peony

It’s fun to see how much flowers change thanks to the tiny, buzzing, gardeners.

Beehive Bazaar was great!

The Beehive Bazaar had a new location this year in The Startup Building. It was great! The building had a lot more space, and the feeling of the space was fun as well. There were some favorite vendors on hand, like Mom’s Stuff (seriously great salve), and some new fun faces as well.

Beehive Bazaar 2015 spring

I brought home some Mom’s Stuff, and of course, I had to bring home one of the funny trolls!

Did you visit the Beehive Bazaar this spring? It has fast become one of my favorite traditions. I can’t wait until the winter show to do some holiday shopping!