Of blogging and other things.

According to Blogspot I started my first blog 10 years ago! TEN YEARS! That’s quiet a long time, and a lot has changed.

What started out as a fun way to share with friends and family who lived in other states, turned into much more than I could have expected. From meeting like minded people, to being able to cross things off wishlists, and even making some money, blogging has changed a lot over the years.

I’ve often thought about stopping, but I could never really pull the plug because despite the changes in the blogging landscape, it was always a fun way to connect with other people. In fact, the thought that has made me happier than stopping is the idea of getting “back to my blogging roots” so to speak.

What about you? I know many of you dear readers have been blogging for just as long or longer. How do you feel about blogging these days?