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After going through the book, I now have a starting point. There are 25 of the 50 tricks that I need to learn how to do. So, if I work on two per month I will be able to get it done in my year time frame, though I have an inkling I will be able to do it in less time, since not all tricks are that tricky.

It’s going to be great to give myself time to really learn the tricks. I am especially excited because the tricks that I need to add in are all the super awesome looking tricks. You know the ones, off the body, on the floor, on a foot, doing all sorts of crazy fun things.

Christabel starts the book of with her story, which is pretty inspiring by the way! I thought I would do the same and share a bit of my hoop story.

When I was little I always hula hooped with my friends. It just seemed like there was a hoop somewhere, no matter where we went (even in the grocery stores!). Years past and other interests followed, mainly dance and other physical activities like volleyball, tennis, and rollerblading. Moving my body has always made me feel happy, especially when dancing.

One day in the year 2007, I came across something online about hoopdance. I could not Google the word fast enough! I just had to find out about how to learn, where to get a hoop, and all of that good stuff. About the same time, as fate would have it, an online friend in Tokyo started hooping as well. It was amazingly fun to read her adventures, and see what has come of her journey. It also connected me to a world wide community of hoopers.

I crossed my fingers and wrote to the owner of HoopGirl, hoping that I could write a product review on my blog. I was overjoyed to find an email from Christabel, offering not only a hoop, but her DVD as well. She was my first introduction to hooping, and the awesome pink and orange hoop is the one that I use to this day (though it is getting a bit worse for wear). When her book, The Hooping Book, came out I bought it right away, but the idea for my hoop project came later.

Hooping for me is not only a FUN way to move my body, but I really feel like it connects me to that kid I was before life became complicated. There is something so simple about hula hooping, and yet there is a whole world of hard things you can do with a hoop as well. My greatest joy inside the hoop is trying to incorporate dance moves from all the dance forms I adore. Bellydance makes an appearance most often, but I even try to throw in a Charleston from time to time.

So while I may have started almost 3 whole years ago, I am constantly learning and improving. I dream of going to world hoop day in Tokyo, and other hoop camps someday to connect with other hoopers in person… but until then, thank goodness for the internet to provide me with constant inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, check out Angie Mack! If I am ever half as good as she is, I will be over the moon happy!

How did you get started with hoopdance? I would love to hear your hoop story!

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