Surfing Sunday, 01/17/2010

Welcome to the pre-counter top edition of Surfing Sunday! My life this week is going to be all about the kitchen and our counter top install (things like preparing for it, figuring out how to eat without a counter top, and all that goes with demolition). I am not sure how much free time I will have for updating during the process so I wanted to leave you all with fun links to explore while I am in DIY Land!

  • Of course, Haiti has been on my mind, as I am sure it has yours as well. As usual, the blog community has come together for a fundraiser. Visit the Indie Fixx Haiti Relief Fundraiser to see some amazing goods up for auction. Proceeds go to the Red Cross.
  • Remember the book I posted about recently? Well, you can join in the year long Happiness Challenge that the author is hosting on her website. This month’s theme is ENERGY. Without even realizing it, I have been focused on the topic through eating well and working out. It’s not too late to start!
  • My friend Amy (funny how many friends I have with my same name), and her friends recently started a fun website called I Spy Craftiness. They are mainly showing scrapbook and card ideas, but the site already looks like it will be a hit. Check it out if you like to create, but need some inspiration.
  • Help-Portrait is an interesting project for photographers. Take a photo of someone, print, and deliver.
  • I’ve been getting more and more into origami, so when I found out about the Origami Club website I was very excited. Wow they have a lot of fun projects, and they even show video of how to do a lot of them.
  • Winter brings wanderlust, and there is a great post over on Tres Lola called 5 Incredible Trips to Start Saving For. I’ve actually always wanted to visit Canada, though it’s not always a place people think of (maybe because it’s nearby?), but all 5 on the list sound amazing.
  • Shanny’s pug and her hubby, are going to be on AFV tonight! Visit her site to find out the details, then be sure to tune in for the funny. I’ve seen the video, it’s super cute! I hope they win the big bucks!
  • Have you discovered the blog called Junkculture yet? If not, be sure to check it out, they feature some very interesting stuff!
  • Could the new health rule really be to quit worrying about it? Read here to find out.
  • Donkey and dog= a kiss and a smile. See the cute here.
  • Lastly, if you want to take a sneak peek at our counter, visit the Wilsonart Site, then look in the Deepstar collection. Our color is Deepstar Bronze.

The beginning of what promises to be a very messy, and very fun, week (clearing out lower cabinets):

Clearing out cabinets.

4 thoughts on “Surfing Sunday, 01/17/2010”

  1. Wow, Aimee, I can’t believe this – I have the exact same kitchen layout (lol)! No wonder I felt so comfortable on your blog site! 🙂 The appliances are placed differently, but the sink, the window, even the corner cabinet are in the exact same spot. If you stand with your back to the stove, you will be looking straight into my family room and to your right would be the ‘galleyway’ dining area. Good luck with the remodel, and be sure to post after pics.

    Regarding the ‘healthy rule’ above, just watch “Food Inc.” I watched it last week and highly recommend it. 😉
    .-= jaimi kennedy´s last blog ..Cinderella Bedding =-.

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