Indoor Gardening FAIL.

We have an icky problem in my office. It’s a problem that we had in the past in my ficus tree. We thought we had fixed it by repotting the tree in brand new, dry dirt (even washing off it’s roots). We remained free from pests for several months, until now.

The problem returned recently after I finally set up our Aerogarden. It hasn’t even been set up for that long, and BOOM! We are deep in an icky infestation of fungus gnats! Here is just a taste of what has been going on (if you find bugs to be gross, you might not want to watch):

Icky infestation from Aimeeroo on Vimeo.

I had actually vacuumed the windowsill, drapes, and the top of the garden about 15 mins before I shot this video. It was actually much worse this morning, which I had to show my hubby. Gross isn’t it? I could not believe how many more there were in such a short amount of time.

I vacuumed again right after, and have also taken wet towels to the windowsill twice again, removing more than I could ever count. I can already see more. Where they are coming from now is anyone’s guess, since the Aerogarden has been emptied and cleaned, and is now banished to the basement. I’m sad though, my plants were doing so well, but if the larvae were in the sponges, the problem would have just kept coming and coming. RIP tomatoes.

And I don’t even know how many little gnats I have squished by hand. They are attracted to light, like most bugs, and come to the computer often. I even think one went in my nose.  I’m pretty sure our bird has been snacking on them as well. It’s gross.

How are things in your neck of the woods?

*Update: We still have tons of gnats, and it looks like the Aerogarden just attracted them from another source. They are still flooding the windowsill and drapes. I see them crawling in the tree pot again, and I am now worried that other plants may be infected as well. Sad.

2 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening FAIL.”

  1. We just got an Aerogarden for the kids. This does not make me want to use it. My father has several and has never had this problem. Could be that he is in Arizona which is much drier than where I live, Georgia.

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