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It’s been busy here to say the least. Between ripping out the old counters, then putting the kitchen back together (still have the back splash to do), family visits, and school… plus all the other things that go on in the course of a day, I have been busy. Luckily, things should be slowing down again back to a more normal pace, especially once we get the back splash put in and the kitchen is truly done. I can’t wait for that, I miss things like my toaster (all the plugs are out), rice cooker, and especially my slow cooker!

Oui, oui!

Somewhere within all the craziness I was able to put up a fun wall decal. The photo shows the view from the kitchen. It’s a lot more fun to look up from preparing meals and see the Eiffel Tower than to see a blank white wall. Easy little changes can make a big difference, can’t they? It’s a fun change, and the good news is if we get tired of it we can easily peel it off.

Also, we saw Avatar. In 3D. Amazingly cool, and of course now I want my entire garden to look like the world of Pandora.

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