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A sweet treat.

I first learned of The Sweet Tooth Fairy through reading Stephanie’s blog (NieNie). She had mentioned that there was a local cupcake shop that had named a cupcake in her honor. Well, being a complete and utter vanilla lover, I had been thinking of the vaNIElla Squared cupcakes ever since.

I finally had a little free time to make the trek down to The Sweet Tooth Fairy shop (it’s not that far away, but it does take time to get there). I bought two cupcakes and put them in the fridge until my hubby came home. Once dinner was over, the special treat came out and I wasn’t even able to snap a photo. My hubby and I were both too ready to bite into them. They did not disappoint! Here is what they look like:

There is a very yummy coconut flavor in with the vanilla. The frosting is super rich, and the cake very moist. A yummy cupcake indeed. I can see why they are a favorite of Miss Stephanie. There were a lot of other tasty looking treats in the shop too. It’s certainly an indulgence though, as they are a bit expensive, but as a special treat it is worth the price.

On a side note, I saw Stephanie at Target around Christmas time. We were both in the Christmas decoration section, and it was super busy in the store. She had the most adorable coat on, and she is also very pretty. I didn’t talk to her of course (after all, I don’t actually know her) but in a way it felt like a “celebrity spotting” moment. 😉

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