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Mid week randomness.

Lately I have been in the mood for these things:

  • Pizza. More specifically, the chicken garlic ranch from The Pizza Factory. It’s been over 2 years.
  • Watching silly movies, such as The Emperor’s New Groove.
  • Root beer freezes!
  • New music. I am craving some new to me tunes.
  • New clothing. As we start to go into the winter season, I am realizing that I need some new, wintery things.

Speaking of pizza, I discovered this blog via Twitter and came across this amazing sounding recipe for “Crazy Pizza Bread“. I have wanted to try it ever since! The blog that it comes from, The Ivory Hut, is one that yet again shows the power of a community in the blog world. The family lost their home, and everything in it, to a house fire. Enter an amazing blog community the author had built to help in the time of need. I’ve seen this with so many blogs, and it always makes me smile to know that people are still very good in the world.

Speaking of great blogging communities, the FitBlog community is absolutely one of them! I came across it on Twitter thanks to my friend SpaBettie. Twitter is a lot of fun, and if you are into being healthy (body and soul), then you too will love the #fitblog chats that take place on Tuesday nights. You can see a round up on The #fitblog Daily too.

And in total random news, my dreams have been crazy and fun recently. Last night featured an old photo booth. Oh how I miss those! Another featured themes from my friend Kelli’s book Under the Same Moon. There has also been a healthy dose of Chuck themed dreams too (hmmm, could it be our Chuck marathon?).

I love this video!

Happy Wednesday!!

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