At least five pounds!

Have you ever gone someplace fabulous and gained a lot of weight? I must have gained at least five pounds at Alt. Summit.

The summit kicked off Wednesday night with “Dinner With”. I was invited to The Wild Grape with a small group of bloggers to have dinner with Provo Craft. I had never been there before and was very impressed by the atmosphere and the food. It was packed the entire time we were there too, even on a week night!

Then on Thusday the food festival continued, first in the HGTV lounge, and then at the keynote lunch! The food was so tasty, and there was just so much of it. The keynote lunches were fancy affairs, with more silverware than has ever been present on my table. There were even letterpress menus from Smock paper (they also gave us an adorable box with notebooks in our goody bag). Having been a fan of Smock’s boxes for some time, I was very happy to finally have one.

Lunch setting

I have to admit, the keynote lunches were the best of all the sessions. It was fun listening to Seth Aaron and Mondo of Project Runway fame. Of course, Friday’s keynote was even more amazing to me, and featured DJ Spooky. Simply wonderful. He does so many different things, and spoke about music, graphic design, and much more. I also met a fun new friend, Mina, during this keynote, which made it even more fun. Now, onto some of the food!

Fancy salad.

Can you believe this salad?! I was pretty impressed at the presentation. Not a big salad lover, but I can appreciate the beauty of it.

Tasty Lunch

Thursday lunch, huge sandwiches! I couldn’t finish mine, especially knowing that this dessert was on it’s way out!

Decadent dessert

Yes friends, then add in all the extra nibbling at the Friday night parties (hello chocolate fountain and best mac and cheese ever), and I think 5 pounds may even be underestimating! Thank goodness I have my African dance class on Tuesday, that should at least burn one pound of it. 🙂

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  1. If you ever need anyone to go with you to anything like this, I am game! (even without the food!) skins so fun! 😉

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