Over and Alt.

On the last night of the Alt. Summit, there were a few parties being held in suites at the Grand America.

HGTV Party

You could seriously smell the chocolate coming out of the HGTV party! Two chocolate fountains, with all kinds of tasty items to dip into them, plus a really neat vibe. It was very yummy, and it was fun too because Mina and I enjoyed the whole party to ourselves while everyone else was waiting in line for the Kate Spade party in hopes of getting a gift bag. Chocolate and strawberries were my favorite! I don’t know where they found such yummy strawberries this time of year, but I could have just kept eating them all night long.

Of course, we also checked out the Kate Spade and Girls With Glasses party. It was super cute and fun! They had balloons everywhere, and the balloons kept sticking to me. There was an awesome photo booth, glasses, and bubbles, and so many retro pedal cars and planes!

Kate Spade and GWG party

Adorable plane

Oh yes, and they had cupcakes! We didn’t partake, but look at how cute they all looked:


We also had the most amazing mac and cheese too. It was baked style, but there were also all kinds of tasty toppings to put on it. Things like sauteed mushrooms, bacon crumbles, more cheese, and much more. It was a really fun night, good conversation, an awesome band in the lounge, and good food. A perfect way to end my summit experience.

Would I go again if given the chance? Of course! I have to send a huge thank you to Wilsonart! Because they sponsored the summit, and I introduced them as a sponsor, I was able to attend for free. Not only do we truly love the counter tops they gave us for our kitchen remodel, but I really enjoyed meeting a few of the great people from Wilsonart at the summit as well (they have a blog too). Check out the fun cocktails they had at their suite party:

Alt Design Summit 2011

I will echo what everyone else has been saying, it’s a shame we didn’t have more time to talk!! With 400 people attending it was hard to meet everyone, but I am so happy to have met the ones that I did.

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