The Honda Lounge

Did you know that I drive a Honda? Indeed I do, and Honda has always been a favorite of mine, so of course I was super excited when I heard that they were going to be at Alt. too! Their lounge was very cool, with some fun old Honda images and samples of their new clothing line! The Honda Heritage clothing collection will be on sale in February, but I was wishing to have one of their cute shirts to wear around the summit the rest of the day! The shirts were so soft and I really loved the retro images.

Honda lounge.

This lounge also had great hot chocolate, as well as coffee and tea. There were snacks to be had, and stations to recharge and use laptops. It was a fun place to sit and chat too, with a fun vibe.

Honda lounge.

They gave us a super fun tote bag that has Honda’s first logo and store address on it. That’s not all though, people attending Alt from out of state got all kinds of special treatment from Honda! They shuttled people from the airport, arranged rides up to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival, and gave rides to Solitude Ski Resort too.

I had hoped that they would bring the special dog themed Honda Element to the festival because I think it’s just about the coolest idea ever and I really want to see one in person!! I don’t know what kinds of Hondas were transporting people in style since I was driving my own, but the lounge sure was fun to hang out in!

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  1. I loved how Honda decorated the lounge – I walked in Friday morning and was amazed how they transformed the space! One of my only gripes about Alt was the fact that I wanted to meet EVERYONE and there simply just isn’t enough time! Can’t wait for next year! To Alt 2012!!!!

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