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Best Cookies Ever!

I have been on a search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for some time now. Maybe it’s cooking in a higher altitude, but the regular chocolate chip cookie recipes never seemed to come out just right. They would be flat, or too hard, but never just soft and moist! Well my world was totally ROCKED when I found this recipe for Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip cookies!

For this batch I used 1 Cup of milk chocolate chips, and 1 Cup of white chocolate chips. The regular recipe calls for 2 Cups of semi-sweet (which is actually even more tasty in my opinion). The mix of chips was awesome as well though, and I can see this cookie recipe being a great base for trying all kinds of chips in them! Have you seen all the different kinds of chips in the baking isle recently? Wow!

What is your favorite cookie?

3 thoughts on “Best Cookies Ever!”

  1. The beginning of this post took me straight to an episode of Friends. The one where Monica is trying to figure out Phoebe’s aunt or someone’s recipe. Eventually they figure out it’s the Nestle Toll-house recipe.

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