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Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt

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Recently I got the chance to try out the Dannon Oikos line of yogurts. Dannon Oikos is created through an authentic Greek straining process which gives it a rich and creamy-thick texture. And boy was it ever rich and creamy! My first try was the vanilla because I am a purest. If you can get vanilla right, in my book you can get anything right. It was a nice creamy texture and flavor. A perfect snack, though really I ended up adding granola and made a meal of it. With all the protein in the yogurt I felt really full for quiet a long time!

Dannon Oikos Plain and Fruit on the Bottom contains 0% fat, while the Dannon® Oikos® traditional blended varieties contains about 3% fat. Both are an excellent source of protein, twice that of most regular lowfat yogurts. Not to mention that the 0% varieties contain active yogurt cultures and range from 80 calories (Plain) to 130 calories (Fruit on the Bottom) per 5.3 oz. cup. It’s a nice choice for healthy snacking, with the lower calories and of course, the active cultures are a real boost. I always love my yogurt to have active cultures, if I can get something helpful in a tasty way you can bet that I will!

They are available nationwide, and come in a variety of flavors and options. My husband tried a raspberry fruit on the bottom and liked it, saying that it was a lot creamier than other yogurt we have had in the past. He also loved the way it filled him up, and of course since he loves protein, he was pretty happy about all the extra he was getting in his snack.

My favorite thing so far though has been the simple vanilla parfait! It may become a new favorite breakfast option at our house now that I know how filling the Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt is! By the way, in my opinion, it tasted a lot better than other Greek yogurts I have tried. What about you? Have you tried Dannon Oikos? What about Greek yogurt, do you like it?

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Just Dance Summer Party

Another fun installment in the Just Dance series of games for the Nintendo Wii! Just Dance Summer Party has new dances with new songs to make your party super fun. Also? Dance duets, and even a party mode for up to 8 people.

Can you out dance your friends? You can certainly find out during the dance off portion of the game! Really it’s so much fun to try to outdo one another!

I have always loved the “workout” mode, where you can sneak in a workout while having tons of fun dancing to the music and trying to perfect your dance moves. Honestly, for me this is my very favorite part. I love to workout, but often it can get boring if you do the same thing over and over again. This is like going to an awesome dance class, but without having to leave your house!

Another great addition is the “party mode” where you can just let the music play without having to go through menus to select it. With the wide variety of music, it’s kind of like having the ultimate playlist right at your finger tips. Here is a track list with the new songs for Just Dance Summer Party!

  • A Band of Bees – “Chicken Payback”
  • Blur – “Song 2”
  • Carl Douglas – “Kung fu fighting” (Dave Ruffy / Mark Wallis remix)
  • Estelle feat Kanye West – “American Boy”
  • Katy Perry – “Firework”
  • M/A/R/R/S – “Pump Up The Volume”
  • Panic At The Disco – “Nine in the afternoon”
  • Rihanna – “Pon De Replay”
  • Steppenwolf – “Born To Be Wild”
  • The Supremes – “You Can’t Hurry Love”
  • V V Brown – “Crying Blood”
  • Countdown Dee’s Hit Explosion – “Barbie Girl”
  • Love Letter – “Why oh why”
  • Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen – “Professeur Pumplestickle”
  • Studio Allstars – “Maniac”
  • Sweat Invaders – “Skin-to-Skin”
  • The Hit Crew – “Here Comes The Hotstepper”
  • The Lemon Cubes – “Mambo NO. 5” (A Little Bit Of Monica)
  • The Lemon Cubes – “Moving On Up”
  • The Reverend Horatio Duncan & Amos Sweets – “Down By The Riverside”
  • The World Cup Girls – “Futebol Crazy”
  • Game Exclusive — A R Rahman, Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger – “Jai Ho!” (You are my destiny)
  • Game Exclusive — Sweat Invaders – “Funkytown'”

While we have always loved all the games in the Just Dance series, there are some quirks now and then. Sometimes the Wii won’t track what you are doing exactly the way you are doing it. Just remember, it’s really all about having a great time, dancing to fun music, and getting a little workout in the process! In other words, don’t worry about doing it perfectly. Just have fun!

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Let Mario hold your Nintendo 3DS!

Oh Mario, you handsome mustachioed plumber, you! Look at you being all helpful and cute, holding my Nintendo 3DS for me like that! How very kind of you!

Hello Mario!

When I got my 3DS for my birthday I was super excited. It is so much fun, and had a lot of surprise things that made it even more awesome than I had planned on! Seriously, if you love 3D and games, it’s a must have item. Especially if you love Nintendo (which we very much do). Of course, the only little problem was that other than the charger it came with, or the inside of my purse, there wasn’t really anywhere specific to store it. Until of course Mario came to the rescue!

Admit it, you want one too! You can find it at


Ding Dong!

One of my favorite treats when I was young was the humble Ding Dong. My mom used to send one in my lunch box, until of course my parents thought I was allergic to chocolate (what I like to call the “lost years”). Fast forward 15 years into the future when I finally got up the nerve to try chocolate again and discovered that I was not allergic after all. Welcome back Ding Dongs!

They are still a favorite treat, even if rare. So of course I was super excited to see this recipe for homemade Ding Dongs! Oh yes, I am going to have to give these a try very soon!

Homemade Ding Dong recipe.

What is your favorite store bought treat from growing up? Have you found a way to make them from scratch?