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Mummy Candle Holders

What do you do when you have time on your hands, some spare craft parts, and a love of Halloween? Well, if you are anything like me, you whip up some mummy candle holders!

These were so fun and easy to make, I was wishing that I had more googly eyes so I could make one more! I had these round tall glass vases on hand already, but you can get them at any craft shop or thrift store. Add in some googly eyes and gauze, with a little ModPodge, and suddenly you have some spooooky mummy candle holders!

To make them I simply stuck the eyes on first with double stick tape. Then I started painting on the ModPodge with a foam brush, starting at the top of the vase (I did use double stick tape to stick the first part of the gauze to the vase, just to make it easier to get started). Adding gauze and glue as I went along, I simply wrapped the vase until it was covered, leaving part of the eyes sticking out.

What is really great is that they fit my LED candles perfectly, and you can get LED candles that are programmable to turn on just when you want them to. It’s a bit like magic. I have a feeling these mummys will greet visitors to our home (going to put them on the windowsill).

Are you getting excited for Halloween?

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