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Catching up!

Wow, where did the time go?

Thanksgiving was busy with our usual 3 dinners. I’m usually full by the second dinner, even though they all take place on their own day, it’s always so much food! But so much fun as well. We feel very lucky to live near our families.

I loved pulling out my fall and Thanksgiving decorations, and it has been pretty fun to see so many more stores carrying things for fall and Thanksgiving now too. I’ve always felt like it was a holiday that didn’t get it’s due. And, since it is still November (but not for long), we have not yet decorated for Christmas. Saving that for this weekend when December officially arrives.

Looking back on the year as it comes closer to a close has been eyeopening. A lot has happened this year, some of it has been awesome, but a lot of it hasn’t been much fun. Overall though, it’s been a good year and we are happy. I much prefer to focus on the highlights.

How have you been dear friends? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you prepared for Christmas?

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