An early Valentine’s Day gift

Have you heard of Rescue Chocolate? It’s chocolate (for people) that benefits animal rescue. I ordered some of their raspberry filled hearts for my hubby and I to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. They arrived early enough for the big day, but it’s sure been hard to keep out of them and save them.

I also ordered one of their cute tees for myself. Can’t wait for Thursday to arrive so we can eat the chocolates!

3 thoughts on “An early Valentine’s Day gift”

  1. Hah! Aimee! This is funny because I was just rereading an old comment of yours on my post ‘Taken By Ambulance’ when I discovered this post of yours, I immediately thought it meant ‘rescue’ as in personal rescue, heh, like the Espresso Ambulanz in my post: rescue chocolate and coffee šŸ™‚

    What a great idea this is for a very important cause. I’ll remember to buy from them.

    1. Oh my goodness! I’m glad you stopped by and commented, even if it was because of a misunderstanding of “rescue”. šŸ™‚

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