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And then we run around in the snow barefoot.

A little bit ago we had a series of snow storms that dumped about 9 inches. Shoveling couldn’t be avoided. Luckily when we have to shovel we do it together and it goes twice as fast. Oh, and then it gives us fun and crazy ideas after we finish.

My husband stepped out back to “cool off” after we were done shoveling, and when I joined him he suggested that we run around our tree barefoot. Yes, in the snow. At around 9 at night, when it was a mere 23F outside.

The ground was so slick under the snow I almost biffed it a few times, but I stayed upright, and we had a grand old time. My feet were cold for what seemed like hours afterwards, while he didn’t feel cold at all. I photographed the evidence the next morning:

Barefoot running in the snow

And now most of the snow in our yard has melted away (soon to change this weekend if the weather guys are right). Such crazy fun.

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