Love Month

I like to call February love month because not only do we get to celebrate Valentine’s day, but my husband and I also got engaged and married in February. Plus, why not celebrate love for an entire month, instead of just a few days?

For Valentines we celebrated with our traditional heart shaped pizza (from Papa Murphy’s take and bake), and of course I had to take advantage of the holiday to use my adorable sando de panda to make grilled cheese hearts with soup for our Valentine’s day lunch.

Just for fun I used some heart themed paper to make a paper chain for our fireplace. And even though we don’t buy each other gifts, I couldn’t resist the chocolate guitar for my husband. He does indeed, ROCK.

This weekend we celebrated 11 years of marriage. It’s incredible to think it has already been that long, and yet it doesn’t feel like we ever haven’t been married too. We had a nice dinner out at Mimi’s Cafe (my husband also picked up breakfast from Mimi’s that morning, the French toast is just too yummy).

Later that night we walked around one of our favorite shopping areas for a fun event they were having called Fire and Ice. Of course the two for one European hot chocolates from Kneaders were a fun surprise (and oh so yummy). And then we headed home to watch a movie and snuggle in for the rest of the night.

Hopefully your February has also been filled with LOVE. 🙂

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