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Long time no blog!

It’s been awhile.

So, what’s been going on around here? Not much. We have been watching Star Trek Next Generation, from the beginning. I had never seen it, and my husband had only seen some of it when it was on the first time around. It’s been quiet entertaining. Downright funny at times when it wasn’t meant to be, but also funny when it was meant to be. The show actually has a lot more humor in it than I expected. There are 177 episodes. That’s a lot.


I wanted to share the photos above with you though. Isn’t that crazy? The building burned and all that was left was the outer shell. It is being turned into an LDS temple now, and will be made to look like the original when it is done (the roof had some nice turrets and such). They have dug out beneath it, and put those stilts under the building! I think a parking garage will be built under the building, but they wanted to preserve it’s original placement. It’s really interesting to see.

Oh, and we seem to have developed a frozen yogurt addiction. What’s new in your world?

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    1. They will have a public open house, and then it will be closed only to members of the LDS faith who have temple recommends.

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