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A quick catch up in photos.

It’s been busy around here!

SNAP conference was a lot of fun. I even got some inspiration for the garden from a succulents class I went to, some fun seed bombs to plant (already planted and ready to see what comes up), and of course, there was a lot of fun time meeting new people.

Our second toilet had problems last summer (right when my in laws were evacuated due to fire danger too) and we had fixed it, but it recently started leaking from a few different places. Long story short, we went toilet shopping this past weekend.

There was a fun bazaar with local art and goodies. The fairy garden blew my mind! I had to buy some goodies for my fairy garden, which I hope can one day look as neat as the one on display.

I also won some amazing Coldstone Chocolate bars. We got a preview of them at SNAP and they are so tasty. The mint is by far a favorite, but they are all so good. My pants aren’t too pleased with me right now, but my tastebuds sure are!

And, it’s finally been warm weather which means it’s my favorite time of year! Time to be out in the garden. I have planted a few things already, and am working on a larger project that I will reveal later. Everything is in bloom!

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