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Animal Crossing: A New Leaf

Finally, an Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo 3DS! I can’t wait to play, and luckily, with the release date just around the corner, it won’t be long now. I actually pre-ordered the game last year, and was sad when months and months went by without any indication of when the game would be coming. I was so excited when the email arrived letting me know that it would be coming in June!

In the new version characters will be able to swim (anyone else frustrated that you couldn’t do that before?). And surprisingly, the player gets to be Mayor this time around! I wonder what that will be like, will we still get the cute collectibles on holidays? Or do we get to give them out? It should be interesting. And of course, fun!

Do you play Animal Crossing? Are you looking forward to this new installment in the series?

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: A New Leaf”

  1. I’ve been waiting eagerly for years now and I can’t wait!! It comes out here in Sweden the day after my b-day and since I work in a videogame store I’ll hope I’ll get it early!
    We have to play together! 😉
    Do you have a 3DS already?

    1. I do! My BF got me a 3DS XL for x-mas and took over my old one. ^^
      My FC: 1461 – 6328 – 5590 . Name: Amanda (or okashii)

      I wanted to get Fire Emblem but couldn’t afford it right now so I’ll wait for animal crossing, because when I get it I wont play anything else for a loooong time 😉
      I play Zelda, Final Fantasy, Layton, Denpa men, Heroes of ruin…. ^^ What kind of games do you play? (: ?

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