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Animal Crossing: Club LOL

Yes friends, I love this game. I was really excited when I finally unlocked Club LOL. It was one of the things I worked towards unlocking as soon as possible because I love going and having KK Slider songs to put in my stereo at home. Yep, totally talking about it as though I was the one doing all these things! Anyway, it’s pretty cute because you can go there every night and KK is there doing a dance party.

Also, they have made it so you can do different dance moves as well. Are you playing too? Here’s my little character busting it out on the dance floor.

Sorry for the shaky video, but I was trying to play and film at the same time! Also, that cute outfit? It comes from a QR Code. Another fun feature to unlock is a sewing machine that allows you to share QR Codes for special outfits that you and your friends can make.

My character doesn’t look quiet like this video now though, because Shampoodle’s has been opened and of course I have had many a makeover there already. There are many things that have been improved on as well which I really like (I’ve been playing since the very first version). Anyway, if you play too I would love to hear what you think about it.

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