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Hot chocolate is totally medicinal.

Somewhere between trying to get the house decked out for Halloween, working on a few fun DIYs, and generally trying to keep up on that thing called life, my body decided to rebel. And by rebel I mean go totally and completely anemic.

Oh dear, no iron you say?
Oh dear, no iron you say?

It’s no wonder my brain couldn’t come up with fun things to share with you dear readers, it’s barely been hanging on! Luckily, despite being told that I basically had ZERO iron in my blood, I didn’t experience any major issues (like passing out). And now that I have had one round of an IV infusion of iron I should start feeling better and getting back into the groove. I can tell that things are already a bit better, and it’s only been a day. I will be getting more infusions over the next few months, so come spring I should be bouncing off the walls!

Of course, there is still this other pesky thing to figure out… what to do about the cause of the anemia. But that is a story perhaps for another day.

Until then, I’ll be sipping on my iron rich hot chocolate (thank you Stephen’s), and eating some iron rich Halloween Oreos (a serving has 6% of daily iron, so that totally makes them both medicinal, right?). What have you been up to?

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