Christmas well celebrated.

Oh the holidays, what a fun and crazy time. We get to celebrate a lot because we have multiple families to visit (3 dinners in total, sometimes 4). So while it’s always a lot of fun, it’s also a bit filling (oh the food, thank goodness for left overs) and a bit exhausting. I’m so glad that we have a bit of a break before we get back into the normal routine again.

This year I was part of a fun Secret Santa on a forum. My Santa rocked! Look at this amazing drawing of me with Baby! She even included my bunny hat. It’s beyond perfect:


I will be downloading some of our Christmas photos soon to share, but for now I think I am in a sugar coma that can only be solved by a walk in the snow covered forest (providing I can convince my husband to join me). How was your holiday? Do you have any special plans for New Years Eve?

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