CAOK 2014

The little things.

Zen frogFor me it’s always the little things. That is why, for this year’s CAOK, I am trying to find little things to do for others. One of the things that I have thought of might seem strange, but I hope it makes a difference.

Let’s talk about Facebook for a moment. Personally I love it, it’s been an amazing tool for keeping up with friends and family who live far away. It’s been a great connector to friends of the past who I would otherwise not be in touch with.

So with that said, how often do we actually interact with those we are friends with on Facebook?

I’m making an extra effort to do more than just “like” a friend’s post. I’m taking time to write a comment (it really doesn’t take much more time), or even to share something on a persons page that I think they will love.

I’ve noticed in my life that what people crave most is a feeling of connection. That someone is noticing them and what they are saying. Facebook makes it so easy to respond and give that feeling to each other. Seems a bit unkind to just scroll on past when a post is really a way of reaching out to each other.

And it’s such a little thing to do.

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