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Curious Cooking: Mock Apple Pie

“Mock apple pie” has been on my radar for some time. I knew I had to try making it, for the sheer curiosity of it! After all, it’s made of Ritz crackers.

How in the world could Ritz crackers turn into something that tastes like apple pie? Well, even after making it myself, I do not understand the mysterious workings of this recipe. It smelled like apple pie while it was baking, the filling even looks like apple pie, and yes friends, it even tastes a lot like it!

My husband said that if he hadn’t known it wasn’t apple pie, he probably would have just thought it was actual apple pie. Either way, it was delicious and will be made again someday.

Here is the recipe if you want to try it yourself. It would be even more fun to make it, and not tell people it’s fake apple, and see if they think it’s apple. ?https://www.delish.com/…/ritz-mock-apple-pie-recipe/

Mock apple pie.

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