Such a sad news day.

The news of yesterday hurts my heart. The attacks in Paris, the attacks in Baghdad, all the other sad things in the world. Sometimes it feels like too much.

Look for the helpers

The above quote always comes around during these hard times, and you know what? It does help. Already we are hearing stories of great courage and of kindness.

Dearest friends in the effected areas, I hope you are safe. I wish there was something more that I could do for you, but know that you are in our thoughts and hearts.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

One of my favorite Youtube channels, Cooking with Dog, has a pumpkin cheesecake recipe that sounds delicious. I like pumpkin anytime of the year, especially in a cheesecake!

What about you? Do you think of pumpkin only in the fall/winter? Or do you enjoy eating pumpkin any time of the year?

Tiger tails

When I was very young my cousin Warren promised to bring me a tiger tail. Being young, I was convinced that this meant I was going to see an actual tiger tail, complete with tiger attached because I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

This was a dream come true because I love animals and had always wanted to see a tiger. Weeks passed with no tiger, and no tiger tail. Then the fateful day came! Imagine my disappointment when these showed up:

Hostess Tiger Tails

Does anyone else remember these Tiger Tails from Hostess? All I remember was being very sad that there wasn’t an actual tiger in my house.

Pinterest tips

Pinterest is an amazing tool both for personal use, and of course, for growing your social media presence. Here are some simple tips to help you grow your followers on Pinterest.

Name Your Boards Well

Using simple descriptive terms for your board names is best. My most popular board is titled “Garden”. When people search for garden ideas, chances are they use the word garden first (such as garden gnome, garden plan, etc), so my board is more likely to pop up in the search result because of it’s title.

Also be sure to fill in your description and choose your board category. Surprisingly, this step gets overlooked easily, but it is very important. Here’s what it looks like when you click “edit” on a board:

How to edit a board on Pinterest

Did you notice a mistake in the above photo? The category for the board says “Home Decor”. It should say “Holidays”. Make sure that you choose the right category for your boards. Some boards might not have a category that fits perfectly, so you will need to choose “other”.

Describe The Pin

If you pin often you will have noticed that many photos lack a description. Some photos come in with just the image file name. You need to take a moment and put a description in that box! Say what it is about the photo you like, put the name of the recipe, anything that will help the pin be more searchable.

This isn’t just helpful for growing your following though, this is helpful for when you go back through your pins too. Having good descriptions will help you (and others) know why the pin is helpful.

Clean Up Your Boards

Look at your boards, are some of them redundant? I found that I had some that could be condensed into each other. For example, I had a board that was called “Holidays”. I also have boards called “Christmas”, “Halloween”, and “Easter”. Having a board that was generic didn’t make sense, so I removed the Holidays board, I did keep those pins however.

Pinterest has a very nice feature where you can easily move pins from one board to another. When you are in the board you want to delete, notice the upper right hand corner. Click the move button, you will then be prompted to select the pins you want to move.

Moving pins to another board on Pinterest

Once you have selected the pins you wish to move, click the move button again (it will be red this time). A pop up will appear for you to select the board you want to move the pins to. This way you don’t lose quality pins when you delete unused or redundant boards.

Quality Pins Count

One last tip, when you are cleaning up your pins be sure to keep the quality pins and discard the rest. What makes a pin worth keeping? It has repins, it links to the original source, and it’s one you really like. I put that last qualifier in there because although using Pinterest is important for social media, it also has other uses. If you really love an idea or pin and it doesn’t have repins, keep it anyway.

If you want to follow me on Pinterest you can find me here. And if you have any other tips to add be sure to let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, I hope these tips help you.