Someone please invent “smell-o-grams”!

Gardenias don’t grow outside in our climate, so when I find one to buy as a houseplant I always do! Their flowers create one of the most beautiful smells. Have you smelled one? I wish I could share the scent through the screen.


It doesn’t hurt that they are also beautiful, with their white flowers and deep green leaves. If they did grow here my garden would be full of them.

random thoughts

Life is both short, and long.

My family recently lost a wonderful woman, my aunt Kathleen. It was quiet shocking, because while we knew she had cancer, she was being treated and the prognosis wasn’t bad. Things took a very quick turn for the worst, and she passed peacefully on Monday.

As always, death brings thoughts about life and such. I always think of life as being both short and long. You don’t know how much time you have, so it’s important to fill it with the people you love and the things you enjoy doing. And not just big, bucket list types of things… small things too. Maybe you really enjoy reading, or playing video games, or hiking. All great things, so make sure you are doing them often.

And most of all, don’t be ashamed of what you like. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what other people might be thinking of us and how we spend our time. In fact, many times it stops us from doing things we enjoy. I know that I have been guilty of this and need to stop worrying about that and just do what I enjoy. I hope you will too.

random thoughts

David Bowie and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

If you haven’t seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, stop reading this post and go watch it right away. Seriously, one of my favorite films. Now, you might be wondering what the movie has to do with David Bowie. Of course, if you have seen the movie, you know. A particular song plays a pivotal role in the movie, and I love this compilation that I found of clips from the movie set to the song:

Hearing of David Bowie’s passing was quiet shocking, followed of course by the equally shocking passing of Alan Rickman. Two great talents lost to cancer.

So after David’s passing I was aching to hear his music, in particular Space Oddity. That is how I came across this wonderful video. I hope you enjoy it (but again, only watch if you have seen the movie already).