So sweet.

February is full of celebrating LOVE in our house. Not only is it Valentine’s day, but we also celebrate our wedding anniversary. There is just something so yummy about all the pink and reds during this time of the year. A true bright spot in the dreary part of winter.

IMG_6417 IMG_6478 IMG_6493 IMG_6509

Missing my Olloclip

I recently upgraded my phone, which has been amazing. Target was having this awesome deal awhile back where I ended up not just getting the new phone for free, but I actually pocketed $18! The only thing that I have been regretting about my lovely new phone is that my Olloclip no longer fit.

Withdrawals were happening, especially when the snow was so perfectly powdery. Fast forward to a few days ago, the Olloclip was finally remade to fit the 5c. I was talking to my husband about it (we always talk about purchases to each other), and he being a super genius found a way to make my old clip fit my new phone! I’m in heaven. I can take my macro photos once again (the absolute best part of the Olloclip).

Here is an upclose of a poinsettia. We’re still in holiday mode around here.

Poinsettia close up

Christmas well celebrated.

Oh the holidays, what a fun and crazy time. We get to celebrate a lot because we have multiple families to visit (3 dinners in total, sometimes 4). So while it’s always a lot of fun, it’s also a bit filling (oh the food, thank goodness for left overs) and a bit exhausting. I’m so glad that we have a bit of a break before we get back into the normal routine again.

This year I was part of a fun Secret Santa on a forum. My Santa rocked! Look at this amazing drawing of me with Baby! She even included my bunny hat. It’s beyond perfect:


I will be downloading some of our Christmas photos soon to share, but for now I think I am in a sugar coma that can only be solved by a walk in the snow covered forest (providing I can convince my husband to join me). How was your holiday? Do you have any special plans for New Years Eve?

Merry Christmas week!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just days away. This year seems to have flown by so quickly. Do you feel the same way?

We have been trying to get in the holiday spirit, one of the fun things we did was visit our zoo for Zoo Lights! It was really fun. They have so many great animated lights and some of the animals were awake. Walking through the lights in the cold and snow made it feel so much like Christmas. If you have a chance to go before they end (Dec 31st) you really should go! So fun.

Zoo Lights 2013Anyone recognize that lion in the photo? Don’t worry, the real thing is still there too. Oh, and it was animated with water squirting out too. So cute and made me feel so nostalgic.

It’s been snowing here all weekend, it will be a white Christmas for sure. One thing I love most about Christmas is how pretty everything looks when it’s all covered in snow. Especially the lights.