What is your calling?


I saw this image on Facebook today and decided to share it. Sometimes the things that I get excited about don’t make sense to a lot of other people. It goes the other way too, things that other people get really excited about don’t float my boat. It’s fun to see people get excited though, even if it’s over something I don’t feel the same about.

What are you excited and passionate about?

For the love of office supplies!

If you have been hanging around here for long you know that I love office supplies. Back to school season is my favorite time of year for shopping because it’s all about pens, notebooks, and calendars! And I don’t even go to school! So recently Purina sent some awesome stuff for review/giveaway over on my other site (you can visit here if you wish to enter).

It was chock full of office supplies for me! And treats for Baby.

Busy bagThere are pens, mini-Sharpies, Moleskin books, funny postcards, magnets, and the funniest bookmark too. And yes, treats for Baby. It’s a great lap top bag as well… if only my laptop were truly a lap top (it stopped recognizing it’s battery and has to always be plugged in now). Maybe I will win a new lap top to go in my new bag!

Anyway, it’s been fun to have a bunch of new office supplies in the house. Thanks Purina!

Animal Crossing: Club LOL

Yes friends, I love this game. I was really excited when I finally unlocked Club LOL. It was one of the things I worked towards unlocking as soon as possible because I love going and having KK Slider songs to put in my stereo at home. Yep, totally talking about it as though I was the one doing all these things! Anyway, it’s pretty cute because you can go there every night and KK is there doing a dance party.

Also, they have made it so you can do different dance moves as well. Are you playing too? Here’s my little character busting it out on the dance floor.

Sorry for the shaky video, but I was trying to play and film at the same time! Also, that cute outfit? It comes from a QR Code. Another fun feature to unlock is a sewing machine that allows you to share QR Codes for special outfits that you and your friends can make.

My character doesn’t look quiet like this video now though, because Shampoodle’s has been opened and of course I have had many a makeover there already. There are many things that have been improved on as well which I really like (I’ve been playing since the very first version). Anyway, if you play too I would love to hear what you think about it.