Animal Crossing: A New Leaf

Finally, an Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo 3DS! I can’t wait to play, and luckily, with the release date just around the corner, it won’t be long now. I actually pre-ordered the game last year, and was sad when months and months went by without any indication of when the game would be coming. I was so excited when the email arrived letting me know that it would be coming in June!

In the new version characters will be able to swim (anyone else frustrated that you couldn’t do that before?). And surprisingly, the player gets to be Mayor this time around! I wonder what that will be like, will we still get the cute collectibles on holidays? Or do we get to give them out? It should be interesting. And of course, fun!

Do you play Animal Crossing? Are you looking forward to this new installment in the series?

Give a Chuck for @LittleChuckFan!

Fans of the show Chuck might just be the nicest fans on the planet. Need proof? A group of fans and even some of the actors from the show have all come together to help Bailey, aka @LittleChuckFan raise funds for St. Jude’s Medical Hospital (an amazing charity). One fan put together this video, each view up to the first 1000 will garner a 10cent donation:

And a lot of fun Chuck related items have been donated as part of a raffle on We Give A Chuck. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will put you in the running for one of the prizes. So, can you “Give a Chuck” and help the adorable Bailey reach her goal for St. Jude’s?

Help Bailey reach her goal by donating here before Friday: St. Jude’s

PS, yes, we are and were big fans of the show Chuck. Do you recognize this jacket? 🙂

Orange Orange

Pi day is fast approaching!

We love to celebrate any holiday, but especially the odd ones, like Pi day! Here are a few awesome Pi day pies to try on March 14th.

First up, how about a Pi Day Pop?


Or, you can have a regular pie, decorated with the pi symbol.

Source: via Sam on Pinterest


Or, even make pi symbol shaped calzones! There are so many ways to celebrate the day. We haven’t decided what we are going to do just yet, but I will be sure to share it when we do.

Furby Baby!

This morning I heard that the Furby is making a comeback! In fact, they are supposed to be the “IT” toy for Christmas this year. Well, back in 1999 I got a Furby Baby for Christmas, and I kept it (tags and all). So of course I just had to see if the little furry friend would still work:

Of course now I can’t help but wonder if it would interact with the new versions of the toy! Are there any toys that you have kept that have made a come back?