Such a sad news day.

The news of yesterday hurts my heart. The attacks in Paris, the attacks in Baghdad, all the other sad things in the world. Sometimes it feels like too much.

Look for the helpers

The above quote always comes around during these hard times, and you know what? It does help. Already we are hearing stories of great courage and of kindness.

Dearest friends in the effected areas, I hope you are safe. I wish there was something more that I could do for you, but know that you are in our thoughts and hearts.

Tiger tails

When I was very young my cousin Warren promised to bring me a tiger tail. Being young, I was convinced that this meant I was going to see an actual tiger tail, complete with tiger attached because I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

This was a dream come true because I love animals and had always wanted to see a tiger. Weeks passed with no tiger, and no tiger tail. Then the fateful day came! Imagine my disappointment when these showed up:

Hostess Tiger Tails

Does anyone else remember these Tiger Tails from Hostess? All I remember was being very sad that there wasn’t an actual tiger in my house.

First peony of 2015

Our peonies are in full swing right now. This was the first to fully open. It is actually the original color that was planted, however, friendly bees have been busy and now a lot of the peonies in our garden are light pink, and some are even white with barely a trace of pink on them.

pink peony

It’s fun to see how much flowers change thanks to the tiny, buzzing, gardeners.