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Furby Baby!

This morning I heard that the Furby is making a comeback! In fact, they are supposed to be the “IT” toy for Christmas this year. Well, back in 1999 I got a Furby Baby for Christmas, and I kept it (tags and all). So of course I just had to see if the little furry friend would still work:

Of course now I can’t help but wonder if it would interact with the new versions of the toy! Are there any toys that you have kept that have made a come back?

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There’s a zombie on your lawn!

Most certainly the cutest video games about zombies, Plants Vs. Zombies became a favorite after a friend sent us a link to this video.

The song and video are both awesome, and often gets stuck in my head. The composer, Laura Shigihara is really talented, and if you haven’t already subscribed to her channel on YouTube, you should. She composes a lot of originals, as well as doing some lovely covers of favorites from video games and anime.

Here is the link to her channel: SuperShigi

Have you played the game? Do you love it?


An awesome violinist!

I found this lovely lady from a post on Facebook. Have you heard of Lindsey Stirling? She rocks on the violin, and not only that, but she also loves video games, as evidenced by this Zelda medley video! I have to give a special shout out because you will be able to see a lot of my “backyard” in her videos.

Funny that it took a post from my friend, who lives in Australia, to point me towards someone who is actually local. I’m shocked I hadn’t heard of her before.

Have you discovered any great videos on YouTube lately?