Dirt under my nails

Today was a busy garden day. I tried to fit in a lot of trimming, pulling, and planting in the little time that I had. What was planted today:

  • “Big Max” pumpkin seeds
  • Hollyhocks
  • Luffa

This year I planted our pumpkin seeds in our usual spots in the flower beds, but I also planted a few in new spots. Since you can really only grow one pumpkin per vine if you hope to grow them large, I wanted to increase our chances as much as possible.

I also tried something new with our luffa gourds. Since we might be taking our satellite dish down this year (fingers crossed), I didn’t want to start something growing on it. Instead I planted them in a large pot that has a trellis in it. I’m very hopeful that they will grow and vine onto other things nearby. It will actually help create a bit of a privacy fence.

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