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A fun craft night with Canary Jane

Social media is so funny sometimes. A gal that I have known online for a long time had an event recently and it was the first time we got a chance to meet in person. Even though we live in the same county. It’s just like that sometimes, isn’t it? Anyway, her blog is Canary Jane, so please hop on over and check out her post about the evening. She has more photos that I do.

It was fun to have a little girls night out, and practice drawing leaves. The end result was a wreath around a quote. I picked the quote below, as it so often fits life. We are having fun, and later those are the best memories. Here is my finished wreath:

She is planning to do more craft nights in the future too, so if you are local and those kinds of things are up your alley, but sure to follow her blog for announcements.

random thoughts

Farewell 2017, welcome 2018

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. Time sure does go fast, and it seems to be speeding up each year.

I used to pick a single word as a theme for the coming year. Looking back in my archives here, it seems I haven’t done so since 2011. Oops!

I haven’t given it much thought for 2018, and to be honest I am not sure that I will choose one. The whole holiday season kind of snuck up on us this year, as we were busy dealing with the craziness of life and doing things like replacing my car, and sadly, also our HVAC system. Oh yes, after 20 years driving Rhonda the Honda, it was finally time for a new car.

Also, I have noticed that I tend to forget about my theme word a few months into the year anyway. Perhaps it’s just too rigid? It’s more enjoyable to take the days as they come, and not try to force so much into it, but just let it be what it is.

I do think I might start sharing here more often again though… just for fun. No sponsors, no traffic goals. Back to “the good old days” so to speak, when blogging was about connecting with other people.

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Muppet Memories!

We have been going through storage at my parent’s home, and oh what fun things we have found! I remember trying to collect all of these glasses from McDonald’s! These aren’t the only special glasses we collected, and I don’t think we ever accomplished getting a full set.

The Muppets were such a big part of my childhood too, we always made sure to watch The Muppet Show. The two old men in the balcony were always my favorite part. Is it any wonder I ended up with a bit of snark in my sense of humor?

Did any of you collect these glasses as a kid too?

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Of Oreos and family crests.

We have a running joke in our family (on my dad’s side) that our family crest is an Oreo. It must be in our blood to love them, and of course we have to try all the new flavors when they come out. By far my favorite kind are the White Fudge covered version that only come out near Christmas. So, of course when we heard that there was a “mystery” flavor we had to try it.

Mystery Oreos

Even if we don’t win anything, it was fun to try. We have a guess as to what the flavor is, but I won’t tell you because I don’t want to ruin it. But if you have tried them I would love to hear what you think it is!! We can compare notes.